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Mariel BrewsterAbout Mariel

Hands-on work with Master Teacher Ruth Kilroy at the Alexander Technique Training Center

Hands-on work with Master Teacher Ruth Kilroy at the Alexander Technique Training Center

Mariel is a graduate of the Alexander Technique Training Center in Newton, MA where she earned a three-year American Society of Alexander Technique (AmSAT) certificate and finished a 2-year post-graduate study at ATTC. Mariel studied under master teachers Ruth Kilroy and Rivka Cohen, both of whom studied with Patrick MacDonald, a student of F.M. Alexander himself. Currently, Mariel teaches private lessons from her studio in Amelia Island, FL.

Mariel came to the Alexander Technique as a vocalist who had lost her ability to sing due to misuse of the body. The Alexander Technique restored her ability to sing and has given her renewed energy, release from tension in the body, and the tools to change negative mental and physical habits. Mariel believes that the Alexander Technique is a wonderful tool that can help anyone to restore the natural ease and function of the, as well as to increase mindfulness in all activities of life.

Mission Statement

My mission in teaching the Alexander Technique is to work with each student on their unique, idosyncratic habits and teach them how to effectively apply the principles of the Alexander Technique. I always create a professional and safe environment where students feel comfortable exploring the many facets of this challenging and rewarding work. A lesson is a dialogue between teacher and student with the end goal over time being that the student gains the necessary tools to apply the technique to their daily lives without reliance upon the teacher.

My First Lesson

I began taking Alexander Technique lessons 7 years ago, as a vocalist who had lost the ability to sing. In my first lesson, my teacher helped me to re-align and better organize my body. It felt quite foreign, but quite wonderful. As many people say when they experience the Alexander Technique for the first time, I felt light and experienced that my body worked as a whole, instead of parts. In that moment, I felt as though I had reached some profound answer. Intellectually I had no clue what that answer was, but my body seemed to say: “Yes! Finally, this is it!”

When my teacher asked me to look in the mirror I was overcome. The vision in the mirror was a version of myself that was tall, poised, radiating, and empowered. It was a vision of myself that reflected everything I wanted to be and could be. I knew in one look at that I would not and could not stop this work, until I came to know that other potential version of myself, until that vision was my reality.

Seven years and a three-year training course later, I am still in love with this work. Not only have I met the person in the mirror, but I have taken myself farther than I ever could have imagined possible. I have witnessed countless times how this work has changed the lives of students and teachers in the community. To me, it is the greatest gift: the gift to become the master of your body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful to have found it every day.