Alexander Technique Resources and Links

There are volumes of information about the Alexander Technique available on the web and in hard copy. I have compiled a list of some resources if you are interested in conducting more in depth research:


F.M. Alexander wrote four major works about the technique:

Man’s Supreme Inheritance (1910)

Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual (1912)

The Use of the Self (1932)

The Universal Constant in Living (1946)

Other notable books about the technique include:
Aphorisms, F.M. Alexander
Articles and Lectures, F.M. Alexander
The Alexander Technique As I See It, Patrick Macdonald
The Up Within the Curve, Rivka Cohen
An Examined Life: Marjory Barlow and the Alexander Technique, Marjory Barlow
Body Learning, Michael Gelb

Online Videos about the Alexander Technique

Introduction to Alexander Technique


British Medical Journal report on Alexander Technique study

Nobel Laureate Nikolaas Tinbergen discusses the Alexander Technique during his Nobel lecture

A Conversation with Marjory Barlow

Alexander Technique Websites

Here are a few other websites to check out:

American Society for the Alexander Technique

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

The Complete Guide to Alexander Technique